Syahrbanu & Shaugi | Traditional Wedding
Nikky & Taofan | Traditional Wedding
Dhias & Adrian | Traditional Wedding
Farras & Aditya | Traditional Wedding
Fatisya & Pambayun | International Wedding
Shela & Lutfi | Traditional Wedding
Cindy & Himawan | Traditional Wedding
Andini & Ninov | Traditional Wedding
Melya & Wisnu | Engagement
Muchtia & Nanda | Traditional Wedding
Aji & Fanny | Traditional Wedding
Bella & Dicky | Traditional Wedding
Ferdi & Sherly's | International Wedding
Harley & Rivelita | International Wedding
Mark & Stella | International Wedding

About us

Alienco photography love to make other people happy about their moments and capturing moments in their life.  We capture moments with pure honesty, true emotion and dedication capture the simplest form of all kinds of emotions we also keep our images and film natural and honest because honesty will last forever and become

Our mission

We communicate the story visually, finding something interesting in an ordinary place, seen through the artistic eye behind the camera lens, capturing your day as it unfolds & creating a truly memorable portraits & compelling images of the natural world.

Our offer

  • Alienco Photography has been officially registered as PT.Satu Wadah Kreasindo
  • Fully support and fast respond
  • experience since 2011 ALIENCO has served more than 500 couples.