why photojournalist needed

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why photojournalist?

In Indonesia, the development of photojournalism is affected by pictorialand ceremonial photos. In fact the appearances of those photos in mass media look like documentary photos.Sometimes the essence becomes the
last priority in the concept of delivering message. Many photos are normative,lack of ideas and have a weak essence.Consequently, the quality developmentof photojournalism is not ina good phase.Not many Indonesian photographersare interested in photojournalism. In factincomprehensible understanding has leftbehind a kind of dichotomy to variousaspects of photography.
We should attempt to eliminate somegrouping in photography, which developinto a closed conflict. It requires wisdomfrom both sides to achieve agreement.
Somehow, every photographer is affectedby their background, experience,social status, and education. It meansour interests, habits and backgroundsdetermine which photography wewill choose.
Experienced photographers mostlyhave characteristic in their works. Thecharacteristic is usually affected orPhotojournalism, as we know, is differentfrom other branches of professionalphotography. Surely photojournalismadheres to such journalisticprinciples as fact, accuracy, timeliness,and social accountability. Variousphotojournalistic works spread all overmass media whether print or digital
(PDF) such as newspaper, magazine,online media and television.Some differences will occur in creatingand interpreting photojournalistic works.It is a normal thing since those works are
multi-interpretative as a visual language.However, it may also share same point ofview when there is certain principle.inspired by his/her own background.When it is followed by a community

the important of photojournalist

then it will be a new sort of “ideology”in photography. Anyhow, being fanaticto one “ideology” will not develop ourcomprehension of photography.There is a certain phase to beendured in creating good works of
photo-journalism. Mastering techniquesof photography is not enough. It requires an integral comprehension ofphotography including artistic visualability, lighting comprehension, thenunderstanding the essence of a photo.The nature of moment, gesture, orfacial expression should be understooddeeper than before, including symbol– a sign bringing a message in anexplicit and implicit meaning. Besides,
the substantive meaning of a photoshould be clarified that the photo doesnot only gratify viewers’ eyes but alsoable to touch their hearts and feeling.When photojournalism is understoodcomprehensively then the quality
of photojournalism will get better










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