Mercedes-Benz E 200 tips

Mercedes-Benz E 200 tips classy car, economical zavoddyakov factory gas owned. for three years of exploitation and daily problems. follow the technical camp and wake up. dvigun 271 is the same principle as on diesel engines, but there are fewer problems with pumps, injectors, etc. on 17 disks it looks just super, but if you […]

Chrysler Aspen Reviews I owned…

There were no major repairs. A large, comfortable and reliable SUV. Large, comfortable and reliable SUV. Maintenance and repair are cheaper than any European or Japanese. I changed stabilizer bushings – a set of 210 UAH, and a block of solenoids in an automatic transmission – with a job of $ 300. Very economical. […]

Vidguki about Cadillac XT5

Auto individual..status not. If you equip the "German" in this way, you will have to overpay one and a half times. There are only two rear view cameras. And when the brake is released, it starts up, and we eat further. You can ride in full or mono-drive. Only at first glance it seems that […]