iMICE V8 – gaming mouse

It’s only inconvenient to lift the mouse, the side walls are smooth, and with a weight of 60 grams, it personally slips a little and I have to squeeze my fingers. The observed mouse is slightly wider and higher, and the sharp shape of the main buttons does not affect the functionality of the mouse, […]

No keyword The required “power”…

Based on personal experience. A cool thermometer – it lives in the font for the second year. No keyword The required "power" does not depend on the length, but on the quality of the cornice. There was no doubt that it was being launched. But with charging from the sun is not clear yet. But […]

Small long nose pliers LAOA LA119203

The tool arrived in a blister. Size 102 mm length and 22 m sponges. Weight is only 44 grams. They differ in the presence of notches. Small long nose pliers LAOA LA119203 sent long nose pliers (round nose pliers?) for review. A small review of the LAOA tool, high-quality, without any frills. Although, […]

Yellow filament – tear into pieces and check for light

The label on the box recommends a temperature of 195-220 °C. But I will try to apply it for its intended purpose. You can probably even crumble it into a salad. Carton box, almost not damaged during transportation. So far they have been enough. But the recommended nozzle temperature remained on the box. For these […]

Category: Toys and gifts – page [2]

The character himself always loved it, as did all Guardians of the Galaxy, which are also my favorite movies in the Marvel cinematic universe, and a recent absolutely amazing game has reinforced this love a hundredfold. Category: Toys and gifts – page [2] In general, I hasten to share with you my impressions of the […]

IP camera Reolink RLC511, optical zoom and 5MP.

Minimum Illumination – 0 Lux (with IR Illuminator) So I’ll start right away with the technical characteristics of the camera, I’ll say right away that the parameters are completely similar to the 420 model, with the exception of viewing angles and zoom. The length has grown by 5 cm, and the weight has increased by […]

Nubwo N7 computer headset.

I’ll tell you right away, the headphones were taken to replace mine, who died during the 7 years of Somic’s work. On the front side there is a photo of the headphones, the model name and the brand logo. Nubwo N7 computer headset. Product specifications are traditionally placed on the back. In general, I got […]